We all say everyone has the right to live. Then why do the term abortion exist in our society? What is abortion? More than anything, what is sex determination? What if the unborn child is asking you this!

Doctors, they are those with whom we trust our lives, they are those people who we believe they are our angels sent by our Gods to treat our loved ones. Then why they become the demons of Satan and murder the little ones, who have not seen the first ray of light, who have not felt the cool breeze from the ocean, who haven’t seen first drop of the rain after a long summer.

Father, aren’t they supposed to be the guardians of the unborn child. Isn’t the unborn child your flesh and blood. Does the sex of the child determines the blood. For a girl child her father is her superhero, and she will always want her man to be like her father. But why is he not ready to welcome her to this world. Is this HER mistake or the SOCIETY.

Mother, isn’t she the protector of her unborn child. What if the unborn child ask her mother,”Maa, why are you scared of everyone and let me die inside. Didn’t you love me? If I was boy would you leave me in the dark pit itself. Maa, once my crib( your womb ) became my grave now.”

Society- You are one who filled venom inside people’s head, that girl child is always a curse and boy child is always a blessing. Any child born in this world is a blessing. The nature and nurture of the child is going to decide whether he or she is going to stay as a blessing or as a curse in this world.

Any child whether a girl child or a boy child, forget their sex. They are just CHILD. Everyone has a right to live in this world. Child birth is a wonder by itself. Never leave a child to be UNBORN only because of their sex.


Which qualities decides a girls character?

Oh! she always wears short dresses, and she roams with her (boy)friend. She comes late after work. She is not a virgin or She has a boyfriend, if any girl fits in these category then she has a bad character according to our society.

As a girl I have heard this sentence many times in my life,“what people will say!”. Whenever I go out with my friends, people used to ask me why do you roam with boys didn’t your parents teach you to stay away from them. My answer is, they made me strong enough to understand the limits and difference and my friend’s (boys in special) parents taught them that girl is not a commodity.

Wear a short dress and go out some people think that girl is character less or she is having a bad character. Dress doesn’t decide a girls character.

Our next big criteria for having a great character – virginity. Only because a girls virginity can be tested you can’t say she has a bad character.

If a girl has a boyfriend then she has a bad character or her parents didn’t teach her what good character is.

Above all these things, Mainly a women accuses a woman or a girls character. Why when something wrong happens people only accuse women!

Character is defined by her behaviour, her attitude towards everything and how she treat her elders and many more. But not by her dress, her profession or her friends circle. Let’s try to change our mindset for the betterment of this and next generation at least!

What is gender equality?

Does gender quality means girls or women proving that they have the ability to do what men do? Whenever we speak of gender equality why we only speak from a woman’s side, what about the other side of the coin?

Gender equality means both of the gender whether it is male or female are free to develop their personal abilities to the fullest or to the extent they wish.

Gender equality is all about creating balance in the society. Recently a greatest phenomenon such as feminism is used to break down gender equality.Feminism doesn’t mean suppressing men it is all about uplifting women.

In our society we are ready to appreciate a woman to go out and work late night but we are not ready to agree to the fact that a man can stay home, take care of the house and be a home maker.

Men and Women together create the balance in this society. Let them choose the profession according to their will to maintain the balance in our society.

Work and duties don’t possess gender. Let us don’t judge the gender by hearing their profession.

Is Indian mythology really science!

Whenever your grandparents or parents tell you mythological stories have you ever gave a shot thinking are they really scientific?

Indian mythology is filled with science. The questions we asked in recent times like cloning, DNA extraction or even flying vehicle are answered in our Vedas and mythological stories.

Darwin’s theory of evolution explained how the evolution occurred. How life started in water and ended up in land. Doesn’t Deshavatar explains us the same even before the theory was discovered.

Science says that every body has male and female hormones in them. Don’t you think the same concept was explained in the mythological story of Arthanareshwar.

We feel our mythologies are nothing but stories. Ever given a try thinking that we are worshiping nine planets, Navgraha in our temples whereas the other part of discovered all the planets only by 17th century.

Cloning might be a new science to the world but it is a procedure used since the time of Mahabharata. The Kauravas birth is a procedure of cloning.

Next time when we hear a mythological story let’s try to see what is the science that is hidden in it? And how long it took for world to understand it!!!